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Hand Painted Walls

Hand-Painted Walls

Embrace your inner “free spirit” with ‘unique as you are’ hand-painted walls! Have you ever seen a child colour furiously with a crayon, creating a masterpiece only they understand?

In that moment you know you are witnessing the pure joy of not holding back, of just letting creativity flow.

If you yearn for a little taste of that ‘free spirit’ freedom, perhaps it’s time to colour outside the lines and try your hand at hand-painted walls.

Hand-painted walls are the perfect way to curve away from the conventional and embrace your free spirit to make your interiors pop.

They are hand-crafted, artful and downright joyous and best of all, pretty darned easy to create.

Picture your entryway with your take on whimsical hand-painted flowers.

Step aside van Gogh, you’ve got this, your own perfect way to say, “Welcome to my home”.

Or take it further and really commit to creating something completely open to interpretation.

Imagine walking thru your door and having the day’s stresses simply wash away as you are greeted by something purely joyful and free.


Dancing In The Rain

Wild Blueberry
Kingdom’s Keys

Mandalay Road

Bright Idea


​Bright Idea


If you are fortunate enough to have a hobby space, you can really let your imagination run wild. What begins as paint drips evolves, with a little imagination into soundwaves or a cityscape.


Or get downright dotty for a look that practically demands creativity. There will be no snoozing in this room. Even if you have no clue how to play that piano, perhaps you will one day. A bit like staring into space, this is a room that says possibilities are endless.


Here Comes the Bride

Little Black Number

Wildness Mint



Here Comes the Bride

Dancing In The Rain

Alternately you can bring on the chill vibe with your take on the half-painted wall. What does it mean?

Well, that’s completely up to you. The thing is, it epitomizes the idea that life is messy, but that’s ok.

Want to try your hand at hand-painted walls. Just remember to embrace the imperfections, because that’s what gives it character and helps you tell your own unique story.