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Harvest Gathering

Invite Mother Nature to this year's celebration

harvest tableHarvest Table

Here's How

  • For the legs, cut 25" from 2" x 4" x 8' spruce. This will give you a 30" table height.
  • Cut two cross members and screw to the bottom of the 12" boards with 11/2" #8 wood screws. For the tabletop, place four 1" x 12" (8' or 12') rough pine boards on the sawhorses and secure before staining.
  • sawhorse brackets 1080-038
  • 11/2" #8 wood screws 2174-408
  • Wood Shield Semi-Transparent 1870-827/829/831/833
  • Wood Shield Acrylic Solid 1866-804/813/822/831/840

Centre of Attention

Here's How

  • centre of attentionCut 1"x 6" pine to the desired length of planter. Cut sides to desired width to fit, and assemble. Add details with outside corner moulding and cabinet knobs for feet. Paint desired colour with Beauti-Tone Designer Series Suede.
  • oak cabinet knobs 2320-170
  • outside corner moulding
  • Beauti-Tone Designer Series Suede 1858
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