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Harvest Hues for Your Home

Harvest Hues for Your Home

Keep your fall decorating personal with seasonal textures and words of gratitude.


Pumpkins are nature's perfect art canvas for fall. They paint up beautifully!

Simply ensure your pumpkins are clean, dry, and at room temperature before releasing your creativity.​

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Here’s How

  • Once the pumpkins are clean, dry, and at room temperature, you are ready to paint.
  • Paint the entire pumpkin a desired colour. Let dry for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Place the desired wash colour in a small mixing bowl and add a very small amount of water, approximately 2 tbsp. of water per 1/2 cup of paint.
  • Dampen your disposable cloth and fold in quarters. You want the cloth flat, not scrunched, to allow the accent wash colour to lay in the recesses of the pumpkin.
  • Brush the wash colour over one quarter of the pumpkin, then lightly wipe off with the dampened cloth, leaving the wash in the pumpkin’s recesses. Continue this process, one quarter of the pumpkin at a time, until the pumpkin is completely painted.

Painter’s Pyramids

Non-stick painter’s pyramids elevate your project with minimal contact, leaving less of a mess when painting, staining or gluing. Finger holes make repositioning a breeze or use the screw tab to secure the pyramids to your work surface and/or each other. The pyramids stack for easy storage.
TIP: Elevating the pumpkin on painter's pyramids makes painting so EASY!​
Colours Shown:​
Blue La La SC172-0 washed with
Soul Mate SC171-0
Truly Fashionating SC182-4 washed with
Pearl Wisdom SC181-0​
Social Light SC175-0 washed with
Blue La La SC172-0​

Picture Perfect!

​Recycle a picture frame into an expression of thanks using a collection of meaningful words or family members’ names. Create a freehand message with chalk and chalkboard paint, or search for a website to generate a word cloud to print and frame.

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