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Here's How to Choose a Barbecue

Here's How to Choose a Barbecue

There’s nothing better than spending a warm summer evening on the deck, cooking and enjoying a delicious grilled meal with friends and family. That’s why choosing the right barbecue is such an important decision.

Here's How to Choose a Barbecue
When you initially begin searching for a barbecue, it can be a little overwhelming with all the styles, models and ways of cooking to choose from. Here are some helpful tips to help you pick out the perfect barbecue for your family!​

Just like when buying a car, barbecues range from luxury models and family friendly models to simple portable models and propane models. Having a wide variety of options can be overwhelming, but also a good place to start assessing your needs.

Things to consider before purchasing

1. Do you normally use your barbecue for entertaining a crowd?

If so, surface real estate is a major consideration. You will want to look for a barbecue that has a few more square inches of grill and maybe a side burner as well. A warming rack would be an added bonus to keep all your cooked food at a reasonable heat while the rest of the meal is being prepared.​

2. Do you use your barbecue for family picnics?

If so, speed is a very important factor. Consider looking for a barbecue with a temperature gauge and a side burner. Creating an efficient outdoor kitchen helps too. Check out these attractive and practical projects to make outdoor cooking a breeze.​

3. How often do you actually use your barbecue?

Some people barbecue daily, others as little as a couple times a month. If you answered a lot, a key consideration for daily users would be durability, maintenance and fuel. You will need a barbecue that has heavy duty construction, and gas and propane are the easiest fuels. A gas barbecue may be more reliable for long, even heat.

4. What type of food do you most often cook using a barbecue?

Steak is a popular item and for any neighbourhood barbecue master, how they grill their steak is the basis of their reputation! For steak lovers, high heat is the main consideration. You need a barbecue that has enough cooking surface to finish off the steak and a lower heat option to grill it to perfections, after initial searing.

For burger and hot dog lovers, the key to success is to have two heat zones - one for searing and one to adjust proper temperature and avoid overcooking.

When cooking seafood and vegetables, you will need more than one heat zone and lots of grilling space. Make sure that your cooking zone is non-stick or that you oil your grates thoroughly.

And, if you love roast chicken on the grill, a rotisserie is a must! Adding a smoker box is also a convenient way to get that special summer flavour.​

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your barbecue is also very important. Make sure after you are done cooking, you burn away the leftover bits of food and grease from the grills. Investing in good quality cleaning tools, such as a stainless steel scraper and extra-large scouring pads can improve the quality of your grilled food and help your grill last longer.​

Which Suits You Best?

It's very important to spend some time realistically assessing your needs and then deciding your affordable price range before your shop. There are enough different styles and features that you can certainly find a good fit for your family's needs within your budget.

What are you excited to get on the grill this summer?​