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Here's How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

Here's How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Consider a fresh coat of paint

Worn cabinets can ruin an otherwise beautiful aesthetic-but a fresh coat of paint will hide a multitude of sins.

Cabinets take up a considerable amount of space in just about any kitchen, so they can make or break a room.

If your cabinets are looking a little tired, it might be time for a makeover. For many years, natural wood stains and whitewashes were the most popular cabinet finishes. And while woodgrains still hold appeal in some markets, painted cabinets are now universally hot.

You see painted cabinets everywhere and with good reason: They provide a clean, sleek look that works well with every decorating style, from Midcentury Modern to industrial chic to cottage, and they're easy to keep clean, especially with technological advancements in today's paints.

The most popular cabinet colours in recent years have been white and off-white, but more colourful options are also emerging. It's becoming common for a homeowner to apply a hue from the home's larger colour scheme to the cabinetry. Grays, slate blues, sage greens, and even muted purples-all popular decorating colours-are becoming common. Because kitchens are often visible from other areas of the house, the trend helps tie rooms together, too.

Making It Work

Once you've made the decision to paint your cabinets, how do you proceed? The easiest answer: Call a professional painter. If you choose to do the work yourself, Designer Series Cabinet & Furniture paint would be the product to use. Follow these directions.

1. Empty cabinets. Remove fronts and hardware.Paint Cabinets Video

Clean all parts of the cabinets to remove grease, dust, food residue, and other dirt with Natura Safe Prep. Patch holes and gauges.

Sand cabinets with 120 to180 grit sandpaper to prepare the surface for good adhesion to the top coat, and wipe clean. Note: High-gloss cabinets will need to be deglossed with the use of a liquid deglosser such as Natura Safe Sand).

4. No priming is necessary. The Designer Series Cabinet and Furniture paint is 100 % acrylic and is a paint and primer in one. It's stain and mildew resistant too.

5. Apply the paint using a mini velvet or foam roller for large surfaces and an angled brush for remaining parts.

6. Paint will be dry to the touch in 1 to 2 hours, however, waiting 12 hours for a recoat is recommended. Once all necessary coats have been applied, the paint will cure to hardness in about 7 days.

7. Once the paint has cured thoroughly, reattach the cabinet fronts and hardware.