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Ice Cubes

These frosted towers of glass lit from within make the evenings magical. Create an atmosphere no ordinary candles can replicate.

Frosted towers of glass lit from within light up the evening with festive illumination.

Ice Cubes

What You'll Need

Here's How

  1. Cut glass to desired size (your neighbourhood Home Hardware or Home Building Centre may have a glass cutting service). On one panel of glass, cut out the corner to allow the cord to pass through safely.
  2. Place a strip of 6 mm tape along the long sides of the glass. Float a generous laye r of silicone over the glass. Swirl the silicone slightly with a gloved Instructionsfinger to replicate antique glass. Immediately remove tape and repeat for the remaining three panels of glass. Let dry. The siliconed sides will be on the inside of the box.

  3. To create a cube from the four pieces of glass, lay flat two panels side by side. On t he sides without silicone, tape the edges together. On the other side with the silicone spread more silico ne in the quarter inch gap at the edges of the glass and position the two pieces of glass at right angles to each other. Continue this on the remaining sides until the cube is formed. Let dry.
  4. Choose any colour of LED lights to suit your décor. (We used white in our proje ct.)

Always practice safe handling and cutting of glass. Only use LED lights because of their low heat emission. Traditional lights may be a fire hazard.

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