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It's Summer

Celebrate day & night.

It's SummerStud your summer urns with citronella torches. By day, the added height and beautiful texture of the torches enhance your arrangement. By night, they romance the evening with amber light while warding off mosquitoes. That is something to celebrate!

For the urn, we chose the colour Rand Moon D36-5-0532-0 in a suede finish of Beauti-Tone Designer Series Exterior Paint.

Spring Fresh

Spring FreshBreathe new life into your urn with a fresh 
hue of Beauti-Tone Designer Series Exterior 
paint in a suede finish for a rich durable look. 
We chose the colour Green Space FO37-0.

Dress the urn with seasonal floral favourites, 
and accent with a lavish bow to welcome 
the arrival of spring!

Make Merry

Make Merry

Urns are the quick-change artist of outdoor décor. Traditionally in black, espresso, and grey concrete, urns have so much more potential with the thousands of gorgeous paint colours available. Express your personality, simply and affordably.

Dress your urn in a festive coat of Beauti-Tone Simon Says red paint.

Crown it with an evergreen wreath studded with cheerful hues of lime, cherry, and peppermint.

White lit branches add sparkle that send tidings of joy to your guests.

Fall FareFall Flare
A basic flat black urn gets an unexpected makeover to an unexpected gloss sheen.

We painted with Beauti-Tone Latex Rust Coat in Gloss Black for a beautiful lacquer-like finish that will stand up to the elements.

Mums are a seasonal favourite for fall; however try other seasonal fruit, flora, and fauna. Wheat, bittersweet, corn, pumpkins, and branches are just a few. Don't forget your night show; add mini lights into your arrangement for a dazzling effect. Home Hardware offers a variety of battery operated and plug-in lights in seasonal colours.

Design Tip
When creating your urn arrangement, start in the middle with your tallest material and work your way out to the edges. If needed, use greenery as filler to complete the look.