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Just coasting

Drywall compound does double duty as the perfect canvas for your own customized coasters. Create your own unique design for everything from coasters to clay flowerpots to cushions with this simple stenciling technique.

Drywall compound is normally used for taping and repairs. Here it performs double duty as the perfect canvas to create these unique coasters.

Just Coasting

What You'll Need

  • mahogany flooring underlay, cut in 4" squares
  • Beauti-Tone Black lacquer spray paint 1730-112
  • Beauti-Tone Clear lacquer spray paint 1730-103
  • Home Drywall Compound 1625-860
  • masking tape 3/4" 1670-285
  • Goof Off 4522-379
  • sanding pad
  • 3" putty knife 1630-266
  • 1/2" felt pads for polka dots 2346-866
  • black and white photocopied image
  • Q-tip
  • stainless steel spoon

Here's How

  1. Spray paint the 4" squares with the black lacquer spray paint.
  2. Mask off 1/4" around the outside edge of the square.
  3. Spread 1/8" of drywall compound on the face of the square, making it as smooth as possible. Let dry 20 minutes and carefully remove the tape.
  4. Let the drywall compound dry (depending on weather conditions, this can take as little as one day and up to four days). If it feels cool to the touch, it is not dry. Once dry, sand the surface smooth.
  5. Place the photocopied image upside down in the centre of the coaster. Dip a Q-tip in Goof Off and rub a portion of the image with the solution. Immediately rub that area with the back of the spoon. Continue this process until the entire image has been rubbed with the solution.Take a peek to ensure that the image has transferred. If not, repeat the process starting with the Goof Off.
    Caution: Please work in a well ventilated area as the odour from Goof Off is strong.
  6. Spray the finished coaster with multiple coats of clear lacquer for protection from moisture from glasses.

Just Coasting step by step

Just Coasting

Polka-Dot Design

The polka-dot design is a quick alternative. Simply dip 1/2" felt pads in black latex paint (the felt pads are adhesive so they stick nicely to the tip of your index finger for easy application). Press on the surface of the drywall compound. Let dry and spray with clear lacquer.

Just CoastingStencil cushion

Create your own unique design! This cushion is made from two pieces of natural cotton measuring 16" x 14" each. Transfer the image onto the fabric then sew seams with right sides facing together leaving a small opening to turn right side out. Stuff with polyester stuffing and slipstitch the opening closed.

You can easily transfer black and white photocopied images onto paper, clay pots and fabric.

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