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Enhance your design experience!

What’s new with Kaycan’s Home Designer? Discover our new features of our online home design tool.

We are more than pleased to announce that we’ve updated our Home Designer 2.0 visualization tool for homeowners and contractors alike.

Take a look at these new added features:
  • Pro Service section: generating an accurate measurement report, a true to life visualization and a 3D interactive model, allowing you to quickly estimate jobs.Auto-recognition technology: Say “Adieu” to masking! Simply upload the image of your home project and the software will automatically detect your roof, siding, windows and doors for you. All that’s left is selecting the products and the colors you want!
  • Refined selection editing: Unlike the previous version, you’ll be able to go back and fine-tune a selection, giving yourself some editing capabilities.
  • Mobile adaptation: Upload your home project creation on your phone and share it your family, friends or contractor/builder!
  • Curated Colour Combinations: select a colour palette that features siding, trims and accent that perfectly complements each other.
Home Designer
The Home Designer software will not only give you the chance to see our products on your project, but also manipulate, change them and all from the comfort of your home or office! Upload a picture of your home, an architectural rendering or select one of our sample homes and get started on your design journey.

Designing your customer’s dream home has never been easier. Give yourself some added peace of mind, and envision your future project with our updated Home Designer!