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Knotty and Nice

Dress your door with a winter wreath made from Christmas balls all wrapped up cozy and warm.

Knotty and NiceDress your door with a winter wreath made from Christmas balls all wrapped up cozy and warm.

Wreath shown has approx. 45 wrapped balls.
  • a variety of sizes of plastic Christmas balls
  • small silver balls (filler, not wrapped with rope)
  • glue gun 2047-152
  • hardware cloth 5258-927 (back of wreath)
  • 1/4" plywood (back of wreath)
  • construction adhesive 2030-536
  • fine wire or pipe cleaners
  • floral moss

Home has a wide variety of natural ropes. Select the ones that suit your style.

Here's How

Wrap the plastic balls in a variety of natural ropes. I used two methods:
  1. Circular Wrap : Start at the base of the stem (where you hang the ball) and wrap the rope in a circular pattern, holding in place with hot glue.
  2. Circular Wrap with Random Overlay : Cover the ball as above, then wrap the rope all over the ball until it resembles a ball of wool. Hot glue during the process so it does not unravel.
Wreath base or formKnotty and Nice
  • Cut two layers of hardware cloth approx. 20" in diameter. Cut an inner circle approx. 10-12".
  • Hold the two pieces together with fine wire or pipe cleaners.
  • Wire the balls on the wreath in a pleasing pattern. As the wreath fills in, start to hot glue the balls in place.
  • Before finishing the wreath, cut the plywood to fit the back of the wreath and glue in place with construction adhesive. Let set.
  • Finish the wreath by hot gluing smaller silver balls in the gaps. Tuck tiny amounts of floral moss to fill any remaining voids.
  • Place a wire on the back to hang wreath on the door.
Bev's Tips Knotty and Nice

I like the texture of the silver ball chain; however, it costs much more than rope so use as accents.
When hot gluing, keep a glass of cold water handy. If any hot glue gets on your fingers, just dip in water for instant relief !

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