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Lighten the Mood

Lighten the Mood ​                                                                                         DR1-1
Packs a punch of pick-me-up
warm - relaxing with red undertones

Accent colours
Peaceful​                                                             Touch of Sass
DR102-0                                                              DR83-4

LRV Stands For Light Reflectance Value

LRV measures the percentage of light that a paint colour reflects or absorbs. The scale goes from 0 to 100 %. Black is 0% absorbing all light and heat, while white is 100% reflecting all light. Architects, engineers, interior designers and colour consultants use LRV’s to determine how light or dark a room will appear. They use LRV’s for people who have impaired vision. The standard is to use colours that are 60% or higher. LRV’s also help with energy efficiency. Lighter colours require less lighting or air condition. Low LRV’s require more artificial lighting, however in the winter the room feels warmer. Conclusion paint your rooms twice a year Please note: we need to caution our consumers who paint or stain their decks, exterior chairs or exterior entrance doors. Using dark colours, especially the trending black can burn the skin when it is in direct sunlight.