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Make Memories

It's the thoughtful details and your handcrafted touches that make the most precious memories.

It's the thoughtful details and your handcrafted touches that make the most precious memories. An inexpensive drop cloth, reusable alphabet stencils, and paint is all you need to make a lasting impression.

Pillow Talk

Conversation pieces to decorate your home with holiday spirit.

What you'll need:
  • canvas drop sheet 
  • Beauti-Tone paint (black and red)
  • hobby knife 1033-402
  • stencil brush 1610-344
  • small artist brushes 5712-106
  • painter's tape 1670-110
  • carbon paper
  • transparency film 8" x 11"
  • quilt batting
  • fibrefill stuffing

Here's How
Pillow measurements: Ho, Ho, Ho, and Reindeer 15" x 20"
Naughty on one side and Nice on the other 16" x 12"

Cut 2 pieces each from canvas and batting in the desired size.
Cut a stencil from transparency film or transfer design with carbon paper (shown), depending on your chosen design.

Stencilling: Place stencil in position on pillow front and tape in place.
Use a dry brush technique: the paint on the stencil brush is wiped on paper towel to remove excess before applying to fabric.
Transfer: Trace design on front of pillow and fill in with paint and brush.

Sewing: Sew the batting to the back of the two pieces of canvas.

Next, place the canvas sides together with the batting facing out.

Sew pillow together, leaving an opening to turn it right side out.

Fill pillow with stuffing and sew opening closed.

I Believe!

Imagine the thrill of seeing a sack personally addressed to you from Santa under the tree on Christmas morning!

What you'll need

Here's How

Santa sack measurement: 32" x 26" (shown). For larger size sack, use 3", 4" and 5" stencils.

Cut two 32" x 26" pieces of canvas. Sew three sides together, leaving the top open. Sew a 1/2" hem at top of sack.

Working from the bottom and ensuring your line is straight, stencil the first line. I place painter's tape as a guide to keep a straight line, and I stencil from the middle out to ensure everything is centred.
Sew 6' of ribbon to the back of sack to tie.
Stuff with the best present ever!
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