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Complete your DIY toolkit with a practical and sturdy mallet.

While a hammer is a handy tool, sometimes the job calls for a mallet. Mallets help to distribute the force of a blow, preventing damage to surfaces. Soft metal mallets are often used in machinery and wooden mallets in carpentry, but most homeowners will get more use out of a rubber mallet. A rubber mallet has a soft head with no claw and a wooden handle that creates less vibration for ease of use. Working with sheet metal? A rubber mallet is less likely to cause dents. Laying ceramic tile or laminate flooring? A rubber mallet can help ease tiles and planks into place without causing chips or cracks.

Mallets are also handy for upholstery work, positioning wallboards, carpet tacking and snugging up joints in PVC pipe work. Rubber mallets are a lightweight option compared to heavier wooden or metal mallets, making them comfortable and easy to use. You may be surprised how often you end up reaching for this practical general-use tool.

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