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Mirrored Reflections

Mirrored Reflections

A collection of antique mirrors creates a beautiful focal point in a bath. However, finding antique mirrors can be difficult and expensive, making them is easy!

What You'll Need
  • Mirror Effect spray paint 1720-069
  • A collection of different picture frames with glass.
  • Narrow ribbon 

Here’s How
  • Spray the back of glass with the mirror paint, doing numerous light coats. Wipe nozzle clean after each spray.
  • Once dry, replace in frame. Tie ribbon to back of frame (they normally have fasteners to attach to).
  • Hang on peg shelf.

Peg Shelf
  • Cut a 2” x 4” pine board to length. Completely sand.
  • Drill holes for pegs. Glue end of pegs 8294-650 and insert in holes (ensure they are straight). Let dry.
  • Attach to wall.

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