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Work smarter with pipe cutters designed for your home plumbing needs.

Pipe cutters are handy tools to have in your home improvement arsenal. Whether you're installing new piping or repairing old and damaged pipes, having the right pipe cutter for the job will make things easier. Pipe cutters use a rotating cutting wheel or blade to cut metal or plastic tubing to a custom length.

There are a variety of specialized pipe cutters to choose from. Working in tight or hard-to-reach areas? Try a single-handed or ratchet pipe cutter. Routinely need to repair plumbing pipes? You’ll probably want a couple of copper pipe cutters in your toolkit. Adjustable pipe cutters are convenient options for DIYers who need to cut a variety of pipe sizes on a regular basis. You’ll also find targeted PVC pipe cutters, aluminum tube cutters and steel pipe cutters. Over time, wheel blades can dull and your pipe cutter may not perform as well. Luckily, replacement cutting wheels are available for some types of pipe cutters.

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3/4" Pipe Cutter

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