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Poor Hiding

Poor Hiding banner

Poor HidingFailure of dried paint to obscure or "hide" the surface to which it is applied.

Possible Causes:

  • Use of low quality paint.

  • Use of low quality tools/wrong roller cover.

  • Use of an improper combination of tinting base and tinting colour.

  • Poor flow and leveling (see Poor Flow/Leveling).

  • Use of a paint that is much lighter in colour than the substrate, or that primarily contains low-hiding organic pigments.

  • Application of paint at a higher spread rate than recommended.


  • If the substrate is significantly darker or is a patterned wallpaper, it should be primed before applying a top coat. Use a top quality paint for better hiding and flow. Use quality tools; use the recommended roller nap, if rolling. Follow manufacturer's recommendation on spread rate; if using tinted paint, use the correct tinting base. Where a low-hiding organic colour must be used, apply a primer first.