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Exterior Staining

Exterior Staining

Before you stain there are two simple secrets to a long-lasting finish – QUALITY STAIN and PREP WORK. Together they create a beautiful long lasting finish, without prep the odds are high you will be redoing your project again next year.​

Prep Work - It’s Important

90% of all stain failure is due to lack of prep work!

Here’s How

• New wood could have a sheen on it called mill glaze. This will prevent the stain from penetrating. Simply sand area with 80 grit sandpaper or use WOOD•SHIELD WOOD RESTORER 1874-207

• Check moisture content in the wood. Moisture should be < 15% - 25 % (depending on product used). Use a moisture meter to check, most Home Hardware stores will loan them out. 1010-586/588

• Peeling Stain, if your existing stain has more than 25% peeling it is recommended to remove the coating and start fresh. NATURA SAFE STRIP 1874-402

Mildew may not be visible, therefore it’s best to always clean. Mildew will cause your stain to peel, NATURA MILDEW OFF 1874-401 or ACTIVOX 1874- 410 (it removes algae, mold and dirt). Activox also restores weathered greyed wood back to its original appearance.

• You need to remove all greyed wood (deadwood fibres). This is the most common error when staining. The grey fibres sit on the top of the wood and are not adhered to the substrate. Staining overtop of the grey changes the colour, moisture lifts the fibres off with your new stain attached. Remove deadwood fibres with NATURA WOOD PREP 1874-400, WOOD•SHIELD WOOD RESTORER 1874-207 or ACTIVOX 1874-410
backyard deck


Don’t skip this step. 80 grit sandpaper is recommended to open up fresh wood fibre. Thoroughly sweep or vacuum up dust.

Is Today A Good Day for Staining? Optimum Weather Conditions:

• No rain in forecast for 24 hrs • Day and night with surface temperature between 10 and 27 degrees C.
• Air movement (a light breeze) present
• Dew point past or not approaching
• Follow the sun or work in the shade


If spraying stain on a surface, follow along with back brushing to work stain into wood fibre. Stain the length of the board to avoid “lap marks” If possible, stain all 6 sides of each board.

Quality Stains

Wood•Shield stains are available in a semi-transparent and solid finish. Use our online Colour Visualizer to try stain colours at https://beautitonefandeck.renoworks. com/#/colors

SEMI-TRANSPARENT STAIN: Penetrates the wood and allows the natural grain and characteristic of the wood to show through. Available in 36 colours.

SOLID STAIN: Penetrates the wood and highlights the texture of the wood. Available in thousands of colours.

Consult with the stores Paint and Stain Expert and refer to the chart on the back to select the best stain suited for your project.

Create an Eye-Catching Colour Scheme

Decks can really come alive if you select an eye-catching colour scheme. As an example, you can do your deck floor boards in a Bark Chip(WST28-9) or Cedar(WST10) and do the railings and balusters in Elm(WSC56-9) or Pine Forest(WSC57-9). White railings and balusters also work nicely in contrast with the darker colors you may choose for your deck’s floor. Another popular choice is to do the railings and floor boards in the same colour such as walnut or cedar. Dark colours such as Black Spruce and Ebony have become quite popular in recent years with a lighter colour outdoor area rug to accessorize. Solid colours such as Cape Cod Grey(WSC40-0), Granite Ridge(WSC41-9), Beach Wood(WSC58-0), Clay Stone(WSC60-9) are among the top deck colours in recent years. These often are paired with soft neutrals for the trim, such as white, cream or grey, as opposed to the more colourful hues of the past.

A major decorating decision that you’ll need to consider is if you should stain your deck to blend in or contrast with the colour of your home’s siding. There’s no hard-and-fast rule on that. However, contrasting colours often work best—i.e., light siding against the dark wood of your deck. This allows your deck to stand out as a separate living space. In some cases, you may want the deck’s floor boards to contrast with the siding but have the railings and balusters be close in colour to the siding to tie the look together.

Furnish and Accessorize

Once you have the coatings and colour scheme chosen, you’re still not done. You need to complete your outdoor space with fashionable furnishings and accessories. Furnish your deck with outdoor chairs, chaises and sofas that provide comfort to friends and families. Tables accentuated with a colourful patio umbrella is another way to provide fashion.

Among the accessories that work well on a deck are potted plants and flowers. The greenery of summer flora will likely look great in contrast to the earthy tones of your deck. Additionally, there are a variety of flowers that will add color nice color to your deck décor, including pansies, geraniums, impatiens and petunias.

Last but not least, don’t forget the lighting. Overhead string lighting and lanterns add a nice finishing touch. Overhead lighting provides a nice ambience and also allows your deck to be seen in all its glory even after the sun goes down.