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Pumpkin Panache

Since many of us view Fall as the unofficial start to ushering out the year, saying goodbye to 2020 is certainly a great reason to celebrate. With festivities this Fall, including Halloween, being fairly non-traditional, why not use PUMPKIN PANACHE to help craft some fab new traditions.

Create them on your own, or bring the kids into the mix. Either way, these fun and festive ideas are so ridiculously easy to make, you will be feeling like laughing at the backside of 2020 in no time!​

Dunkin' Dunkers

All you need is a handful of tiny orange or white pumpkins and some paint to create this fabulous Fall feast for the eyes.
  • If using orange pumpkins, paint everything except the stem with Milk Glass WB013-0

  • Paint colour of icing around the top

  • Use artist brush to add the sprinkles

Voila! Bet you are now craving donuts!
White Dew


Double Fudge Brownie



Wildness Mint


Magical Mythical Creature

White pumpkins are all the rage, but they are also easy to imitate with a bit of paint. To create this mystically magical mythical creature, all you need is a good-size pumpkin, some paint, a small piece of poster board, your trusty glue gun, and some silk flowers.
  • Snap off the stem and paint the entire pumpkin white
  • Draw the eyes and lashes with a pencil then paint overtop with an artist’s brush
  • Use a felt furniture pad dipped in paint to create perfectly rosy cheeks
  • To create the horn, cut a circle in a piece of poster board. Cut a slit from the edge to the centre, roll it and glue the edge. Spray paint with gold.
  • Place the horn on top of pumpkin and hot glue flowers around it for the crown

It’s that easy. Now your princess awaits her palace placement.​
White Dew


Cut Heather

Little Black Number

Gold Gloss Lacquer
Spray Paint


Feelin’ Rustic

These pretty wooden pillars are the perfect backdrop for your Fall festooning! All you need are pieces of 4” x 4”, 6” x 6” or 8” x 8” cut to whatever length you like, paint, birch branch pieces, and some ribbon and/or twine.
  • Paint wood pillars with White Dew
  • Once dried give them a light sand to add a rustic patina touch
  • Cut a birch branch to desired length and hot glue to the top
  • Add a bow to finish

Now place your perfectly imperfect pillars and add your own pumpkin panache for a picture-perfect presentation.​

White Dew


Cravin’ Raven?

Nothing says spoooooky like the ominous presence of a raven. This booo-licious look is super simple to create with a Natural mat, paint, tacky glue, and a homemade stencil.
  • Use the trusty internet to find a picture of a raven you can use to create your stencil. Then cut it, place it, and use spray tack adhesive to secure
  • Spray paint the entire mat with Black Spray Enamel 1720-191
  • Simply remove the stencil and you’re done
  • Layer with other mats to create interest if you like

The Raven seems like the perfect symbol of 2020. Let’s hope it helps make the rest of this year fly by.​
Black Spray Enamel


Boho chic

These little gems are so pretty you may not want the season to end. As simple as some tiny-weeny pumpkins and paint and you’ve got yourself some truly trend-worthy trinkets.

Gather as many little pumpkins as you like and paint them black or white with reverse accents.

That’s it! Have some fun hand-painting simple designs, pile them into a bowl and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.​
White Dew

​Little Black Number

Cozy Up!

This pretty sweater pumpkin will add warmth to any room.
  • Draw a sweater pattern with a pencil then use caulking overtop to create dimension and let dry. Painters Caulking 2034-301
  • Paint pumpkin with White Dew

Now place your perfectly warm and cozy pumpkin to any space!​
White Dew

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