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Ruff Rewards

Two words that our furry friends love to hear are “walk” and “treat”. This simple project organizes both to keep them happy and healthy!

Shopping List


Size this paw print stencil and transfer to a piece of pine. Cut with a scroll saw. Sand and paint.

Here’s How

  • Cut pine board to 15” and sand smooth. Round over edges with a 1/2” diameter 
router bit.
  • Coat the board with finishing oil.
  • Mark the paw print with a pencil. Cut pieces with a scroll saw. Sand smooth.
  • Paint the paw pieces Black Licorice.
  • Lay out the paw print, coat hook and jar on board. Glue paw print in place and attach hook.
  • Rip a piece of pine 3/16” thick and 3/4” wide. Cut off slightly shorter than the jar length and drill countersink holes in the centre and 
1” from each end.
  • Mount on the board, centred behind the jar. Fasten with 3/4” #8 screws in the middle. Slip the hose clamps under both ends and then fasten with two more screws. (see detail photo)

Suite Retreat

Men have man caves, women have she-sheds and now dogs have dog dens as a place to call their own!

Universally, dog lovers want to designate a space in their home where their fur-kids can be comfortable and secure but finding space can be challenging.

One solution is to reclaim the abandoned area under the stairs and transform it into designer doggie digs.

A doorframe filled with the balusters as your stairway can easily glide open and close on a decorative door track.

This contemporary, cozy space gives a while new meaning to being "in the dog house"!​


​Iron Slide Balusters

It’s never been easier to fix, replace or update an existing stairway! Simply leave the wood rail and newels in place, remove the wood spindles, and using only a drill, screwdriver and an Allen wrench, install the telescopic iron balusters quickly and without a big mess. The swivel top adjusts to any handrail angle before the telescoping baluster is inserted in the base shoe. They also make an attractive doggie gate!
  • double knuckle iron baluster 2527-321 (shown)
  • plain iron baluster 2527-322 (also available)

Door Track Kit

The modern charm of this decorative black enamel flat track kit is a space saving solution for access to the reclaimed space under the stairs.

Pillow Pet Bed

This red plaid, polar fleece pillow bed is both trendy and comfortable.
The warm and cozy ultra-soft fleece cover is removable for easy care.


Fresh Warm Biscuits

Touchstone SPC Plank Flooring

The solid core of SPC plank flooring is extremely temperature stable (-30 to 60˚C) and impact resistant. The flooring is 100% waterproof and an attached underlayment helps to reduce sound and add comfort. It can be installed in large areas (up to 4,000 sq. ft.) without any transitions using the tap locking system.
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