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Sweet Tweet

Artwork with birds

Shopping List

  • ​Semi-Transparent Stain Basecoat
  • Topcoat colour
  • Screen spline (wire lines)
  • Fine tip black marker 5740-468
  • Clear silicone caulking
  • 2” brushes
  • Paper towels 4532-802
  • Flat stones
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
Semi-Transparent Stain
Bark Chip

Andes Sky

Here's How

  • ​Stain board and let dry.
  • Brush on topcoat colour in a dry brush technique until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Draw horizontal lines with pencil for placement of spline to look like hydro wires.
  • Decide on the position of the stones/birds.
  • While stone is in place mark placement for beak and legs.
  • Remove stones and with marker draw in beak and legs.
  • Place silicone caulking on the back of the stone/ birds and set in place. Let dry.

Place a small amount of stain on a plastic plate, dip the brush in the stain and then wipe off most of the paint on a paper towel.

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