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2" X 3" Catch-A-Raindrop Downspout Diverter

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  • Model # 37042
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Details + Specification

  • Collect the rainfall from your rooftop
  • Filter any large or coarse debris from the downspout
  • Store the rain in barrels or connect to hose for directly watering plants
  • Reuse the rain to water houseplants, gardens, and landscape, or wash cars
  • Fits most standard residential downspouts
  • Small, discrete and worry free
  • Affordable way to conserve water
  • Plants love the pH neutral, fluoride and chlorine free water
  • Diverts water away from your home's foundation
  • Attach to a regular garden hose or use cap
  • Rainwater colander with cap
  • Downspout clip with zip screw
  • Easy installation instructions
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