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Red & White and Proud All Over!

Red & White and Proud All Over!

Get the party started in iconic Canadian style and let the celebrations begin!

Cute as a Button

Proud All Over! What You'll Need
  • favourite fabric cut to size
  • large four-hole buttons in desired colour
  • cotton twine

Here's How

  • Thread two 18" lengths of white cord through the buttonholes and tie around napkin.
    View video.

Plein de fierté

Flag Bearer

Serve up some festive fare in style with our flag inspired tray. View video.

Shopping List:
Here's How
  • Cut pine to the 2' lengths and sand.Download template
  • Mask off the centre section of the flag with painter's tape. Paint white. Let dry.
  • Mask off the two red end sections of the flag. Paint and let dry.
  • Trace and cut out the leaf stencil from the Bristol board using a hobby knife and a metal edged ruler.
  • Position the leaf stencil in the centre of the flag and secure in place with spray adhesive.
  • Stencil the leaf with a dry brush technique. Let dry 24 hours.
  • Coat the entire tray with 2 to 3 coats of paste wax.
Attach handles
  • Mark the position of the handles on the bottom of the tray. Drill a 1" by 3/4" deep hole with a Forstner bit to countersink the nuts and washers.
  • Drill 3/8" holes for the handles and install. Have a rubber mallet handy in case the handle needs gentle persuasion to go through the tray.