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Saskatchewan Home Renovation Tax Credit

Saskatchewan renovation tax credit
The Saskatchewan Home Renovation Tax Credit will allow Saskatchewan homeowners to claim a non-refundable 10.5% provincial tax credit on eligible home renovation expenses undertaken on their primary residence between October 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2022. Homeowners can claim up to $20,000 in home renovation expenses on their 2021 and 2022 income tax returns for a maximum tax credit of $2,100.

Program Details:

•    2020 and 2021 Eligible Home Renovation Expenses: Maximum Claim Amount of $11,000
•    2022 Eligible Home Renovation Expenses: Maximum Claim Amount of $9,000
•    Must be homeowner’s primary residence
Examples of Eligible Expenditures:
  • Renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or basement
  • Shingling a roof or renovating outdoor fixtures to a home.
  • Installing new carpet or hardwood floors
  • Building an addition, deck, fence or retaining wall
  • Purchasing and installing a new furnace, water heater or solar panels (mechanical items considered to be of an enduring addition to the home).
  • Painting the interior or exterior of a house
  • Resurfacing a driveway
  • Laying new sod
Examples of Non-eligible Expenditures:
  • Furniture, draperies, appliances and mechanical items not considered to be an enduring addition to the home (i.e. refrigerator, stove, couch, jacuzzi)
  • Audio-visual electronics.
  • Expenditures that have a value independent of the renovation, such as construction equipment and tools.
  • Routine repairs & Maintenance contracts (carpet cleaning, furnace cleaning, snow removal, lawn care, pool cleaning, etc).
  • Financing costs.