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Cleaning + Care

​Copper Maintenance
While the sink will never look the same as the day you installed it, it will always be a striking centerpiece in your room that you will use heavily. It’s a very unique looking and beautiful material, but it’s also a very strong and resilient metal.

The patina helps protect the sink from corrosion, so you’ll never have to worry about rust or brittleness of the metal. Because of this, maintenance is very simple: just keep your sink clean. Here are a few tips on the daily care and maintenance:
  • Clean after use with warm water, a gentle dish soap, and a soft cloth
  • As with any surface that comes in contact with food, avoid harsh chemicals
  • Clear out food debris and dishes to prevent temporary discoloration
  • Apply Sinkology Copper Armor or our Copper Care IQ Defend Protec¬tive Sealant regularly to protect and shine your copper sink’s finish

Restoring Patina
It’s inevitable. Discoloration will occur with a copper sink; it’s the nature of the metal. There are many reasons why discoloration occurs: harsh chemi-cals, long exposure to acidic materials (lemons, ketchup, toothpaste, etc.) or other types of food, general heavy use, etc. But, don’t panic.

When discoloration happens, time and patience are typically all that are needed for your sink’s patina to restore and blend in. You may see shiny spots, but rest assured: the patina will return to these areas and even out across your copper sink. You don’t need to do anything in particular to allow the patina to eventually return, but if you would like to help the colors blend more quickly, here are a couple of tips:
  • Wash your sink rigorously with hot, soapy water and a Sinkology Breeze Scrubber. Scrub hard enough to lighten the patina a few shades in problem areas, but be sure not to take the patina completely off
  • Rinse clean with hot water and dry with a microfiber cloth (included in the Copper Care IQ Kit). This intense scrubbing combined with hot water will help accelerate and blend the natural patina of your copper sink. Avoid using Copper Care IQ Defend on shiny spots to let the patina process occur naturally

If you don’t clean your sink regularly, you may also see some green build-up on particularly dirty areas. Don’t be alarmed; this is just oxidation. Simply scrub the area with your Sinkology Breeze Scrubber or your fingernail until the build-up is removed and then clean the area.
​Simple Ways to Love Your Fireclay Sink for Life
Sinkology products are handcrafted to handle the bumps, drops, and messes that come with daily life. It’s our goal to help you care for your fireclay sink with simple, easy steps so you can stay focused on the people and experiences that really matter.

Our fireclay blend and Sinkology SureFire Finish come together to create the most durable fireclay sinks on the market. Your fireclay sink is guaranteed not to stain, chip, scratch or rust—and we back that with our lifetime guarantee. But as with any sink, your sink requires regular cleaning.

Here are tips to follow to keep your sink looking perfect for life:
  • Wash your sink regularly with warm soap and water
  • As with any surface that comes into contact with food, don’t use harsh, abrasive cleaners or chemicals
  • Avoid steel wool or metal cleaning pads on the sink
  • If your sink develops any type of discoloration, using a mild abrasive, such as baking soda, will have your fireclay sink looking brand new again
  • We recommend using a Sinkology Non-Scratch Breeze Scrubber, a long-lasting, mildew-resistant scrubber made from patented Clean-Guard™ silicone. It comes lightly lavender scented and is covered by a three-month no-odor warranty.