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Something New is Old Again

Something New is Old Again!

Wondering how to finish your new picnic table? Forget about the standard redwood, walnut, and cedar stain. Create a statement piece oozing with character and rustic charm. It’s so easy!

Here’s How to Stain a Statement


Shopping List

• Wood-Shield Best Solid Acrylic Stain

• paint brushes 1612-116

• painter’s tape 1670-130

• plastic plate 6460-607

• paper towel 4661-350

• stencil brushes 1610-344

• 2” stencil kit 2451-313

• sanding sponge 1061-499


• Paint the entire picnic table, including the bottom of the legs (shown: Seashell Silver).

• Tape off different lengths of each board with painter’s tape so the tabletop and seats will look 

like they were created from different lengths of reclaimed boards.

• Decide on the desired colours for each board (shown: Cape Cod Grey, Eames Blue). Paint the 

boards letting some of the underneath colour show through.

• Next, using a dry brush technique lightly swipe down the board with the accent colour. If it looks 

too strong, lightly brush the base colour on top. Keep playing with the stain until you get the 

desired distressed look. Let dry.

• Paint the remaining portion of each board a different colour using the same technique as above. 

Let dry. Remove all tape.

• Sand all edges and lightly sand the top for a worn look.

• Use a dry brush technique to stencil numbers on the edge of random boards with stain colour 

(shown: Granite Ridge). Let dry and lightly sand to soften stencil.


Dry brush technique:

Place a small amount of stain on a plastic plate, dip the brush in the stain and then wipe off most of 
the paint on a paper towel.

• stainless steel collapsible wine glass 6320-191 • stoneware dinnerware 4220-089 • stainless 

steel cooler 6451-911

Visit homehardware.ca for unfinished picnic table kits.

• stainless steel collapsible wine glass 6320-191 • stoneware dinnerware 4220-089 • stainless steel cooler 6451-911
Visit homehardware.ca for unfinished picnic table kits.
A Perfect Palette

Create a wooden tray from 8/4” x 12” board cut to desired length. Round the corners and finish the edges with manila rope stapled or glued in place. Finish the surface with food safe, non-toxic oil.

• 1/2” manila rope 5461-715 • NaturOil 4548-181

• stainless steel collapsible wine glass 6320-191
Industrial Chic

These decorative metal couplings put the fun in functional.

• metal coupling 3237-553