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Statement Pieces

Words can turn a simple plate into a conversation piece.

Statement PiecesWords can turn a simple plate into a conversation piece. Choose your words in the lettering you desire and reverse it to a mirror image. Spray the printed side with spray adhesive and place on the top of the plate with the phrase facing the back of the plate. Working from the back of the plate, trace the phrase with a Pilot gold or silver fine marker. Let the marker dry and spray the back of the plate with three to four coats of black lacquer. The phrases "This dessert completes me!" and "Love at First Bite" are available in reverse to download and print here.


  • square glass plates 8" 4219-086, 10" 4219-087
  • foam brush 1613-730
  • Natura white glue 2020-510
  • exacto knife 1033-410
  • spray adhesive 2020-075
  • white spray lacquer 1730-121
  • black spray lacquer 1730-112
  • gold spray lacquer 1730-130
  • clear spray lacquer 1730-103
  • clear protectors 2350-556
  • felt pads 1.5" 2346-820