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Steel Wool

Clean and polish tough surfaces with steel wool.

Steel wool is made from metal fibers and is commonly used to polish surfaces. Because it is softer than other abrasive materials, it can be used on more delicate surfaces, such as glass and precious metals. Like sandpaper, it comes in a range of grades ranging from coarse to super fine. Each of these grades has its own unique properties. Coarse is the most abrasive, while super fine can be used on more delicate materials. Super fine steel wool is generally only used to remove stains or buffing surfaces.

Steel wool can be used with oils and other liquids to help make it more effective. In some cases, it can also be used to remove tough stains from pots and pans. You should be careful when using steel wool around your home. While it is useful, it can also damage some items if using the wrong grade on certain materials.

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