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Steeling Beauty

Steeling Beauty

Steeling BeautyThe Aspect peel and stick metal wall tiles rate so high on my "Five Criteria for Greatness" list that I've placed them in the elite category of "This Is the Best Thing Ever!". When I first saw the tiles, I flip-flopped between telling everyone and keeping them a best-kept design secret. Oh the dilemmas of decorating!

The luxurious, lustre look of metal has a great range of style, from classic to contemporary design. Optimal artistic expression is easy with a choice of four designer metallic colours, available in short grain and long grain patterns.

"Luxe for Less" says it all.

Update a backsplash or toe kick, embellish the inside of cabinets, create stylish contemporary chair rails or trim designer framed mirrors. The sky's the limit!

The peel and stick, 3" x 6"metal tiles eliminate the need for grout, adhesive and spacers, not to mention the time you save! Minimal tools are required; a metal ruler, straight edge and a marker. To cut the tiles, you can use a hacksaw, chop saw, or if you are comfortable with a knife, a utility knife.

Sleek sophistication cast in metal adds beauty and value to your home. The tiles are manufactured from 60% recycled material and are 100% recyclable, making them easy on the eyes and the environment.

Available in four colours.

copper tile brushed copper
• short grain 2778-503
• long grain 2778-502

copper tile

bronze tile brushed bronze
• short grain 2778-507
• long grain 2778-506

bronze tile

stainless tile brushed stainless
• short grain 2778-501
• long grain 2778-500

stainless tile

champagne tile brushed champagne
• short grain 2778-505
• long grain 2778-504

champagne tile

It's a Snap!

measure and mark the cut line

Accurately measure and mark the cut line on both sides
of the tile.

Score both sides on the marked line

Score both sides on the marked line. Depending on your
strength it could take repeat scoring.

Snap to break the tile

Place the cut line on a square edge and snap to break the tile.
If the centre membrane is still attached, simply cut it with the knife.