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Summer Memories

​A Sign of Good Times

Make time stand still by posting photos of life’s favourite moments to a DIY vintage sign.

Personalize the stencilling with a unique phrase or the coordinates of an absolute 

location to make unforgettable events last a lifetime.


Shopping List

• 1” x 10” pine (9’)

• 11/4” nails 2134-069

• Wood-Shield Best Solid Acrylic Stain

• paint brush set 1612-213

• 3” letters plus number stencil kit 2451-322

• 2” letters plus numbers stencil kit 2451-313

• shadow font letters stencil 1680-019

• painter’s tape 1670-130

• plastic plate 6460-607

• paper towel 4661-350

• stencil brushes 1610-344

• 7/8” finishing nails 2134-041

• natural jute twine 5462-180

• wooden clothespins 4427-457

• sawtooth picture hangers 2352-689


Building the Sign

• Cut the 1” x 10” pine to 36” lengths.

• Rip the pine into 11/2” to 71/2” widths, keeping the final sign size about 22” wide 

including gaps.

• Arrange the cut boards on a flat surface, slightly staggering the widths and lengths.

Cut three 11/2” braces to secure the boards in the middle and 2” from the top and the 

bottom across the back.

Painting the Sign

• Paint the entire sign (shown: Seashell Silver), letting a bit of the natural wood 

show through.

• Decide on the desired colours for each board (shown: Cape Cod Grey, Granite 

Ridge, Eames Blue). Paint the boards letting some of the underneath colour show 


• Next, using a dry brush technique, lightly swipe one of the other stain colours 

down the length of each board. If it looks too strong, lightly brush the board colour 

on top. Keep playing with the stain until you get the desired distressed look for 

each board.

Stencilling the Sign

• Establish the placement of your message on the bottom of the sign. If you are unsure, lightly trace the stencil first to 

determine the spacing so it will be easier when you start to stencil. It is helpful to lay painter’s tape at the bottom of each 

line to keep everything straight.

• Use a dry brush technique to stencil with stain colour (shown: Ebony).



• On the back of the board, hammer finishing nails from the top to one-third of the way down on both edges.

• Knot the twine on one of the top nails and then 

wrap it back and forth, criss-crossing over the nails to create an informal wrap. Finish with a knot on one of the lowest nails.

• Attach a sawtooth hanger on the back to hang on wall.

• Use clothespins to hang your photos.


Dry brush technique:

Place a small amount of stain on a plastic plate, dip the brush in the stain and then wipe off most of the paint on a 

paper towel.