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The Art Of Smart


Create customized art for your walls! Print your personal artwork or photos and display them in this simple, versatile rail system. You can make any wall in your home or office your canvas. Display the artwork in a one-row rail system or stack the rails row-on-row to any height - the sky's the limit. The beauty of this system is that it's so easy to change your artwork at anytime, for any occasion. It's smart art!

What You'll Need


Installing rail

Here's How

Mounting artwork

Cut the hardboard to the exact size of the artwork. To dry mount, apply rubber cement to the back of the artwork and the front of the hardboard and allow it to dry completely. Position the artwork on the hardboard and press in place.

Measuring and cutting the rails

The rails are made from the 1"x 2" pine and lattice moulding strips. Total the width of all artwork for one row, allowing an additional 1/4" for each piece. Add 3" to the total, then cut the pine and lattice pieces to this length.

Installing rail

Measuring and cutting end strips

For each end strip you will need a 11/2" strip of hardboard cut to the height of the artwork and a 1" x 2" pine strip cut 1/4" shorter. Sand and finish all pieces as desired.

Assembling rail

Use wood glue to attach the lattice strip flush to the top of the pine and secure in place with 3/4" finishing nails.

Hanging rails

Starting with the bottom rail, level, mark, then use 21/2" finishing nails to mount it to the wall studs. For the second rail, measure 1/4" higher than the artwork height, level, mark and nail the rail in position. Repeat until all rails are installed. Position a 11/2" hardwood end strip at both ends of each rail. Glue and nail the pine end strips on top.

Photo rail

Inserting artwork

Slip the top of the mounted artwork under the lip of the top rail. Rest the bottom of the artwork on the top of the bottom rail.

Download letters from the Elmo Sesame Street alphabet