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Think Tanks

Transform a galvanized stock tank into fabulously functional outdoor décor.

What You'll Need

  • ​100-gallon galvanized stock tank 5218-523
  • mineral spirits 1620-644
  • sanding sponge 220 grit 1061-069
  • STICK iT latex primer 1850-792
  • Designer Series Exterior Suede paint
  • clear marine silicone sealant 2031-161
  • 4” rigid castors (2) 2324-109
  • 4” swivel castors (2) 2324-105
  • hardware for castors

Here's How
  • See ‘Paint It Perfect’ for tips to prepare and paint the tank.
  • Measure, mark, drill and attach the rigid plate casters at one end of the tank. Repeat at the other end with the swivel castors.
  • Seal the castors’ holes with silicone.


Keep Cool and Party On!

The perfect party cooler! The aluminum helps keep the ice lasting longer and the tank has a drain on the side to empty the cooler when the party’s over.

drain castor

Wood Tabletop DIY

Shopping List

  • 30’ of 1” x 10” common pine
  • 1 1/4” #8 screws
  • 4’ pipe clamps
  • exterior wood glue 2020-869
  • jig saw 1268-536
  • router 1258-514

Here’s How

Upper Layer

  • Cut six pieces of 1” x 10” pine 6” longer than tank.
  • Glue edges of three of the pieces together and clamp. Set aside the remaining three pieces for the lower layer.
Wood Tabletop
Wood Tabletop
Lower Layer
  • Rip one of the three pieces that were set aside into two pieces of 1” x 5”.
  • Place the two pieces of 1” x 10” in the centre of the upper layer and the two pieces of 1” x 5” on the edges. This overlaps the joints on the upper layer to prevent warping.
  • Glue edges together and clamp.

  • Temporarily fasten the lower layer to the upper layer with screws.
  • Centre the tabletop over the tank and trace around the tank edge from underneath.
  • Turn the tabletop over. Measure and mark 2” outside the original traced line to create the outside edge.
  • Measure and mark 2” inside the original traced line.
  • Use a jig saw to cut around the outside edge.
  • Separate the two layers. 
  • On the lower layer, cut the original traced line and then cut the line marked 2” inside the original traced line. This creates the channel for the tabletop to sit on the tank. 
  • Sand all edges. Glue and screw the upper layer to the lower layer.
  • Router for a rounded outside edge. Finish as desired.

Tip for the rounded ends:
Mark the centres of the rounded ends on the traced tank line. Place a screw at each centre and tie a pencil to the screw with a length of string set 2” larger for the upper layer and 2” smaller for the lower layer.​

Paint it Perfect

Tips for a long-lasting paint finish on galvanized metal

​Step 1    
Wipe the surface with mineral spirits to remove the oil film from new galvanized metal.

Step 2    
Scuff the surface with a 220-grit sanding sponge.

Step 3    
Prime with Beauti-Tone STICK iT primer sealer. The hard, smooth surface of galvanized metal can make it difficult for paint to adhere, however this primer is a problem solver. It is formulated to bond to galvanized metal.

Step 4    
Choose a gorgeous colour in either exterior Designer Series or Rust Coat water-based paint.
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