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Top Campus Essentials

Sending your child off to university or college can be both exciting and stressful. Most parents are a bit emotional about their child moving away from home to attend school. On top of that emotional stress there are so many things to buy, pack and remember.

To help alleviate stress during this busy time, we’ve put together a list of the top things that your child will need when they head off to school.


It can be tough to move away from home. By adding pictures of family and friends to their dorm room, your child will have an easier time with the transition and be less likely to get homesick.

Pictures are a great way to personalize a room and help to get conversations started when they are meeting new people. 

When hanging pictures make sure to use sticky tack and not tape or nails, you don’t want to receive a bill at the end of the year for damaged walls.

3M Command Strips are also a great alternative when hanging pictures and other décor.


Power Bars

​Today’s students have an ever growing list of electronics that they need for school, but dorm rooms generally don’t have too many electrical outlets available.

A power bar/extension cord is an easy way to help ensure your child is able to plug in their important devices such as their computer, alarm clocks and of course their phones.


Even if your child has a meal plan while at school, chances are good that they would still benefit from a microwave in their room.

It’s perfect for heating up the food you send with them, popping popcorn, or warming up coffee for a late night of studying.

Some dorm rooms come with a microwave so be sure to reach out to the university to confirm before purchasing one.


Door Stop

A new school can be nerve-racking for students because they won’t know anyone yet.

Using a door stop to prop their door open when living in residence will help your child meet other students that live on their floor.

Keeping their door open is a great way to indicate to others to stop by and say hello.


Cooking Essentials

Odds are most of the time your child will be eating at meal hall when at school, but it’s a good idea to provide them with the basic kitchen essentials just in case they decide to make their own meals or late night snacks.

A plate, bowl and cutlery are must-haves, a pot is also a great idea so that they can make Macaroni and Cheese (a student favourite!)

There is now a safe cook top that they can bring to school. The Kuraidori Induction Cooker is perfect for dorm rooms, unlike other cook tops it turns off automatically when there is no cookware present which eliminates any safety hazard.​

Coffee Maker & Kettles

Do you remember staying up late and studying when you were in university? Did you always have caffeine by your side?

Your child may not drink coffee now, but when they start studying late into the night, coffee may become their best friend.

Be sure to look at the different options for coffee makers and kettles, there is the traditional coffee pot, a coffee press, or single serving brewers.


School Supplies

Being prepared for class will make your child a more organized and successful student.

Make sure they have all the essentials such as binders, loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils, highlighters,erasers and whiteout. 

Flashcards are also a handy tool to have when studying, it will challenge their thinking and help them to get a better understanding of the material.


Having a fridge in their dorm room allows your child to store all the meals you cook them as well as snacks for studying.

Chances are they will also have some beverages that they would like to keep cold.

Some university dorms come equipped with a mini fridge so make sure to check with the residence before purchasing one.

Cleaning Supplies

No one likes cleaning and doing chores, but they have to be done.

The Duop is a versatile cleaning system that will save you time, money and effort. It works wet or dry on all surfaces and has a 360-degree swivel for those hard to reach spaces.