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Easyflex Premium Flexible Hose

Topring Compressed Air Solutions
The Topring Easyflex Premium hose is the choice of entrepreneurs for its combination of lightness and robustness. The working temperature range is -54 to 65 °C, which gives it excellent flexibility at high and low temperatures, perfect for outdoor work. The exterior of the hose has a medium/high resistance to oil (RMA – Class B) and is abrasion resistant, even under the sun. Its versatility makes it the perfect hose, summer like winter.

Its advantages:

  • The yellow is easily identifiable on a construction site
  • No Memory – Easily recoils after use
  • Guard bend restrictor at both ends to extend the life of the air hose
  • Non-marking pin pricked exterior allows venting of air to prevent ballooning and eventual bursting
  • Silicone and phthalate free and RoHS compliant
Item # 1637-315​

Flexible Hybrid Air Hose With compressed air accessories

This assortment of Topring hose and accessories is the perfect starter kit for your home improvement and DIY projects that require compressed air. Perfect for sandblasting, cleaning, inflating and more. The engineered hybrid polymer air hose combines the best features from PVC and rubber, giving you a light and flexible hose.

The 11-piece set includes :

  • 3/8 x 50 pi x 1/4 (M) NPT Air hose
  • Compact blow gun
  • 1/4 INDUSTRIAL Coupler • 1/4 (F) NPT
  • 1/4 INDUSTRIAL Plug • 1/4 (F) NPT
  • 1/4 INDUSTRIAL Plug • 1/4 (M) NPT
  • Tapered nozzle
  • Inflation needle
  • Tapered inflation nozzle
  • Nozzle adapter
  • Rubber nozzle
  • Safety nozzle
Item # 1637-320​
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