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Tunnel Vision: Brighten your clients’ homes with VELUX Sun Tunnels

Research has shown that access to natural light improves people’s health and productivity. VELUX Sun Tunnels are the easiest skylight on the market to install, enabling roofers, homebuilders, and renovators to transform their clients’ homes in a matter of hours.

And while homeowners find Sun Tunnels an affordable alternative to glass skylights, contractors find them to be a lucrative way to boost project margins. In fact, some contractors have opted to specialize exclusively in Sun Tunnel installations.

How can a VELUX SUN TUNNEL boost your business?

Roofers typically find Sun Tunnels easy to install and easy to talk about with their customers. With so many homeowners looking for interior natural light solutions, most don’t realize that reroofing is the ideal time to install a Sun Tunnel to align warranties and minimize installation time. Many roofers earn good profit for each Sun Tunnel they add to a roofing package. To learn more of the profitability contact VELUX National Sales Manager – 1-800-888-3589. There is light at the end of the tunnel when you HAVE to reroof!

Renovators and homebuilders love having the ability to bring light to otherwise windowless interior rooms but hate making structural changes to accommodate windows. Sun Tunnels are a cost-effective solution that install quickly between standard truss and rafters with no structural changes to the home. Add to your bottom line while brightening your client’s hallway, bathroom, laundry room and stairwell making a bright impact inside the home.

Contractors have earned enough profit from Sun Tunnels that they have built a business that solely specializes in Sun Tunnel installations. An experienced installer can install 2 to 4 Sun Tunnels a day on the same home or they can do up to 3 homes with 1 Sun Tunnel a day. With resources like customized Sun Tunnel literature, marketing support and the ability to take advantage of the VELUX VIP lead program, specializing your business to install Sun Tunnels could give you a bright future!

What type of VELUX SUN TUNNELS are available?

VELUX offers both rigid and flexible tunnels available in 10”, 14” and 22” diameters depending on the tunnel type. The most common residential Sun Tunnel is the 14” rigid which offers the most light output due to the highly reflective interior surface and large ceiling lens. In addition, there is some flexibility with the rigid tunnel as it can be routed around obstacles by adding one or two 45-degree elbows. Flexible tunnels are designed solely for installations with multiple obstacles like HVAC or other plumbing that could be in the attic space. (Installers should note that the flexible tunnels must be stretched taut for maximum effectiveness.)

What about energy efficiency?

Given the Canadian climate, energy efficiency is top of mind for many homeowners. Investing in the Sun Tunnel Energy Kit increases overall efficiency to meet Energy Star ratings across Canada. Not sure where to place the Sun Tunnel in the room because a light fixture is in the way?

Let your Sun Tunnel be your day and night solution by adding the hardwired electric night light kit. For low level light when the sun sets, the solar powered night light might be your best option.

VELUX also offers six different decorative diffusers, including bubbles, waves, and brushed metal finishes to alter the light output.
Before adding in a skylight
After adding in a skylight
Interested in adding this lucrative lineup to your business offerings? The VELUX Installers Program, the only one of its kind in the skylight industry to help installers grow their business with skylights. The program offers in-depth installation and sales training, sales and marketing materials, contests, rebates, and a Contractor Tool Kit for sending brochures directly to their customers while sitting at their kitchen table. And the company’s No Leak Product Warranty provides both homeowners and installers the peace of mind that the product is designed to last. Shining a spotlight on Sun Tunnels could be what you need to take your business to the next level.

For more information call VELUX National Sale Manager- 1-800-888-3589 or register for the VELUX Installers Program at www.vipmembers.ca.