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VELUX Skylights Open a Window to Profitability Boost Your Customers’ Satisfaction – Along with Your Bottom Line

Across the country, countless roofers, general contractors, and kitchen-and-bath specialists have discovered that skylights are a lucrative add-on to many renovation projects. With more homeowners embarking on renovation projects in 2021, are you missing out on this rewarding business opportunity?

A study conducted in 2019 revealed that Canadians were spending 94% of their time indoors; this included time spent inside a building for work, in the car, at a gym and home. Fast forward to 2021, we are now spending even more of our time inside, primarily in our homes. With renovation projects on the rise, this presents a considerable opportunity for skylights because people are experiencing their homes in a new ‘light,’ discovering dark spaces, and renovating to improve their homes comfort or create new spaces like a home office.

Customer Satisfaction with transformation and industry-leading technology -

VELUX skylights and Sun Tunnels bring in daylight and, in some cases, fresh air impacting the comfort and dramatically transforming the look and feel of any space. With a wide array of products, VELUX has skylight solutions for all types of roof structures found in Canada. ‘The No Leak Skylight’ product line leads the industry with three patented layers of water protection that works seamlessly with a variety of roofing material, shedding water naturally without using “wet seals” to provide the most durable protection against the Canadian climate. Skylight models include fixed, venting, modular and tubular skylights. With the right product for your customers, you can bet this is one addition to their renovation they will love.

Boosting your Bottom Line

Roofers who upgrade a customers’ older skylight while re-roofing can see their margins on that increase by 10 to 30% while offering their customers the peace-of-mind with coinciding roof and skylight warranties as well as the assurance that the two systems are properly integrated. In addition, installing new skylights to a roof replacement can boost margins by 25 to 100%.

Renovators working on interior renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms can similarly boost margins on those projects by replacing existing skylights or adding new ones. If you are not comfortable with the exterior work of the skylight, VELUX can support you and connect you with an installer to complete the roofing portion.

Comparatively easy to install Sun Tunnels can be even more profitable, boosting some installers margins by as much as 50%. With the right marketing and sales approach, installers have added to their business a Sun Tunnel installation division where they have a designated crew focused solely on Sun Tunnel installations. Installers typically earn about $500 per Sun Tunnel installation, and an experienced installer can install 2 to 4 Sun Tunnels a day on the same or multiple homes.

How can you take your business to the next level with VELUX?

It’s simple, the VELUX Installers Program, the only one of its kind in the skylight industry, is designed to help you grow your business. It offers in-depth installation and sales training, sales and marketing materials, contests, rebates, and a Contractor tool kit that makes it easy for you to send digital brochures directly to customers while sitting at the kitchen table. At the end of the day, the easy, caulking-free installation and VELUX’s No Leak Promise means that once the job is done right, installers don’t have to worry about service callbacks down the road. With training, the right marketing materials, and sales message, VELUX skylights and Sun Tunnels will help you take your business – and bottom line – to the next level.