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Wall Art

The captivating art of Graffiti is reflected in this urban frame crafted from paintable wallpaper and drywall. 

What You'll Need
  • MDF or plywood to mount the wallpaper on
  • moulding to frame the MDF/plywood
  • alkyd primer 1831-870
  • paintable subway tile wallpaper 2588-551
  • Natura white glue 2020-510
  • Home Drywall Compound (do not substitute) 1625-860
  • Designer Series Matte paint 1858-234 Tinted: Pearl Wisdom SC181-0 and High on Heels SC183-0
  • paint brushes 1612-197
  • mini roller 1656-185
  • putty knife 1630-783/1631-719
  • artist brushes to paint saying/message
  • latex paint in desired colour for saying/message
Here’s How
  • Construct frame with MDF/plywood and moulding to desired size.
  • Prime the board with alkyd primer. Let dry.
  • Apply the subway pattern wallpaper. Although the paper is pre-pasted, roll on white glue with foam roller to adhere wallpaper instead of wetting it with water.
  • Let dry. Trim any rough edges of wallpaper.
  • Mix approx. 3 cups of drywall compound with approx. 1/8 cup of Pearl Wisdom paint.
  • Stipple the drywall mixture onto the subway tiles only, NOT the grout lines. Do 2 to 3 rows, then with a putty knife drag it across the compound mixture to slightly flatten. This gives the texture of real brick.
  • Cover the whole board with this method. Let it dry completely for 2 to 3 days.
  • Dip a brush in High on Heels paint and lightly brush each textured tile. It’s not necessary to cover the whole tile. Leave areas untouched for a more realistic look. With a damp cloth, rub the colour lightly into the tile, working only 3 to 4 rows at a time. Let dry.
  • Freehand your message onto the tiles using latex paint.
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