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Steeling Good Looks!

Release your inner artist with steel wool to create this stunning feature wall.

Change the strong contrast of the shown monochromatic scheme to a softer, sophisticated look by choosing subtler contrasting colours, or a matte and a gloss sheen in the same colour.

What You’ll Need
• chalk line kit 1019-296
• Beauti-Tone painters tape 1670-131
• hobby knife 1033-401
Colours shown:
Base Coat: Steeling the Show SC149-0
Top Coat: Dress to Impress SC150-3
• Zinsser Latex Extender 1675-045
• measuring cup 4142-163
• roller kit 1656-531
• 9.5” paint rollers 1655-907
• nitrile gloves 1611-102
• coarse steel wool 1665-193

Here’s How
1. Paint wall the base coat colour. Let dry 48 hours.
2. Measure and mark a square grid on the wall with a chalk line. Squares can be any size you want. The squares shown are two feet.
3. Tape the outside edges of every alternate square, cutting the tape with a hobby knife for a clean edge.
4. Use a measuring cup to mix 4 parts topcoat paint to 1 cup extender into a pail. Repeat the formula when more topcoat mixture is needed.
5. Wearing gloves, unwrap one roll of steel wool and wrap it around a 9.5” roller.
6. VERTICAL LINES: Paint one masked square with a thin coat of topcoat mixture. Immediately drag the roller wrapped with steel wool vertically in the painted square. Try to drag straight down, and repeat dragging in the square until you achieve your desired effect.
7. Repeat on each masked square, painting one at a time, using a new roll of steel wool for each square.
8. Remove tape and let dry 48 hours.
9. Tape off the remaining squares on the outside. (i.e., tape will be on the finished squares).
10. HORIZONTAL LINES: Paint the remaining squares one at a time, dragging the roller wrapped with steel wool horizontally each time. Try to drag straight across, and repeat dragging in the square until you achieve your desired effect.
11. Remove tape.​