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Waste Reduction Week

October 19 – 25 is Waste Reduction Week in Canada. Each day of the week focuses on a different theme to help educate Canadians on how they can reduce their household waste. At Home Hardware, we are proud to support the pillars of waste reduction. Here’s How we can help reduce waste, one day at a time.
Monday, October 19: Waste Reduction Week kicks off with circular economy – a theme that brings each pillar of waste reduction together. Circular economy is the idea that we use quality, long lasting items that leave nothing wasted. To evolve into a lifestyle that aids circular economy, we encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Tuesday, October 20: With ever changing trends and fast fashion, textile waste is increasing every year. With options like thrifting or consignment, it’s easy to reduce this type of waste. A creative alternative is customizing the clothing you already have to meet new trends or to fix imperfections. Keep a sewing kit on hand to easily keep your textiles trendy and functional.
Wednesday, October 21: When old electronics such as laptops or cellphones see their final days, they generally don’t have a place in common household waste disposals. Depending on your province, there are specific electronic waste depots and protocol’s. To learn more about what to do with your e-waste, and many other types of waste, take a look at our list of resources, organized by province.
Thursday, October 22: For years, single-use plastic has been a focus when it comes to waste reduction. With so many reusable options, such as; water bottles, totes, bags and straws, it’s now easier than ever to ditch single-use plastic.
Friday, October 23: Food waste is a daunting type of household waste – no matter what you try, you always have it. With the right resources, it’s easy for consumers to limit their food waste. Properly store leftovers for long-lasting freshness. If your produce doesn’t make it, or you have leftover peels and cores, there are many compost options to help your waste go a long way.
Saturday, October 24: Sharing is always caring when it comes to the planet. If you find yourself in need of a particular tool for a job, consider tool rentals. Renting leads to less waste down the line when there is no longer a need for a specific product. A selection of Home Hardware locations provide tool rental services, so you can complete your projects in a more eco-friendly fashion.
Sunday, October 25: If something in your home is broken or has imperfections, it doesn’t mean it’s ready to be thrown away. Reduce household waste by repairing and restoring items that still have some life in them. Browse our selection of repair kits to keep your home sustainable and looking great.