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Wood Shield Semi-Transparent Stain Colours


Semi-Transparent stain enhances the natural grain of the wood with a translucent finish. Wood has distinct colour and texture differences, these differences can be highlighted with semi-transparent stain. Your semi-transparent stain colour will be affected by the type of wood you are staining, or the existing semi-transparent stain on the surface. Semi-transparent stains are available in 36 beautiful natural colours.

Sandstone                                                 WST01-9​

Sienna                                                            WST02-9​

Spring Sage                                              WST03-9​

Weathered Brown                              WST04-9​

Light Grey                                                 WST05-9​

Baked Clay                                                WST06-9

Grey Fawn                                                  WST07-9

Boathouse                                                 WST08-9
Golden Larch                                         WST09-9

Cedar*                                                                WST10​

Gold Spun                                                   WST11-9

Walnut*                                                             WST12​

​True Walnut                                              WST13-9

Harvest                                                         WST14-9
Hidden Valley                                          WST15-9​

Natural Redwood*                                WST16​

Georgian Brick                                       WST17-9​

Mission Brown                                       WST18-9
Woodland Meadow                         WST19-9
Vintage Brown                                       WST20-9
Rustic Brown                                            WST21-9

English Walnut                                      WST22-9​

Timber Wood                                        WST23-9​

Barn Door                                                  WST24-9

Nut Brown                                                WST25-9
Briarwood                                                 WST26-9​

Danish Walnut                                       WST27-9​

Bark Chip                                                   WST28-9

Burnt Hickory                                        WST29-9
Outside White                                      WST30-9​

Weathered Grey                                   WST31-9
Seagull                                                           WST32-9

Juniper Ash                                               WST33-9
Foothill                                                         WST34-9
Hamilton Blue                                       WST35-9
Lily Pad                                                         WST36-9​