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Wood Shield Solid Stain Colours

Wood Shield Stain


Solid stains have a similar appearance to paint however they show the texture and penetrate the surface. Solid stains are ideal for use on new or previously stained surfaces when a colour change or an opaque finish is desired. Solid stains are available in 36 beautiful natural colours.

White                                                            WSC37-0

Western White                                   WSC38-0

Seashell Silver                                        WSC39-0

Cape Cod Grey                                   WSC40-0

Granite Ridge                                         WSC41-9

Blackboard                                              WSC42-9​

Ebony                                                            WSC43-9
Taupe                                                            WSC44-9​

Prairie Dog                                               WSC45-9

​Butternut                                                  WSC46-9

Fall Brown                                                 WSC47-9

Mud Slide                                                 WSC48-9

​Cocoa                                                          WSC49-9

Walnut*                                                          WSC50

Dove’s Wing                                            WSC51-0

​Navajo White                                        WSC52-0

Acorn Cap                                                WSC53-0

Willow Mist                                             WSC54-0​

​Rosemary                                                  WSC55-9

Elm                                                                  WSC56-9

Pine Forest                                               WSC57-9​

Beach Wood                                           WSC58-0​

Oak Beige                                                 WSC59-9​

Clay Stone                                              WSC60-9

Black Spruce                                            WSC61-9​

Scarlett Oak                                           WSC62-9​

Navajo Red                                              WSC63-9​

Redwood*                                                    WSC64​

Cedar*                                                              WSC65

All Spice                                                     WSC66-9​

Fudge Clay                                                WSC67-9​

Tree Bark                                                   WSC68-9​

Cream of the Crop                          WSC69-0

Desert                                                           WSC70-0​

Wheat Pea                                                 WSC71-0​

Jute                                                                 WSC72-9