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Here's How to wrap these Tri-mendous trees in holiday cheer!

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Wall Art thumb
Wall Art

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DIY projects to make the kitchen of your dreams


Create that outdoor living space you always wanted

Outdoor Jar Lanterns
Outdoor Jar Lanterns

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Winterizing your Home

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Bring some more colour into your life with Beauti-Tone

Building Materials

Is the inner builder inside you anxious to get out - dust off the tools, sharpen up the pencil and get into a new project?

Fur-Kid Bed
Fur-kid Bed

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Hall Monitor
Hall Monitor

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Wood Serving Block
Wood Serving Block

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Everyday Living

From games and puzzles to home decor, there's a project for everyone!

Make Memories
Make Memories

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Ice Cubes
Ice Cubes

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Lacy Affair
Lacy Affair

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Ornamental Orbs
Ornamental Orbs

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Home at Home

Meditation Bench thumb
Meditation Bench

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Let the Games Begin! thumb
Let the Games Begin!

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Dartboard Cabinet thumb
Dartboard Cabinet

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Floor Show thumb
Floor Show

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