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Own Your Own Home

With more than 1,000 independent Home locations across Canada - under 4 banners -
Home Hardware Stores Limited is the home to more independent hardware, building centre and furniture dealers than anyone else. New Home Owners join all the time, just like the 47 who signed up in 2009.

Since 1964, Home has been dedicated exclusively to helping the independent retailer stay independent and to thrive. While times and technology have changed, and our buying power has grown tremendously, that original mandate has remained constant.

With 45 years of steady growth behind us, Home Owners are still looking forward, onward and upward. As a 100% dealer owned company, we are the only ones who can proclaim proudly that we are
"Home Owners helping homeowners."

We're more than that, too. We're also Home Owners helping other Home Owners. That, and staying independent, are among the many benefits of becoming a Home Owner.

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Dunc Wilson, Director - Business Development 519-664-4728