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Coast Dual Colour LED Headlamp

In this issue I have the opportunity of reviewing the Coast Dual Colour LED Headlamp 

The Coast Headlamp tested (Model FL13) is a simple low cost lamp that provides both high and low beam white lighting as well as red and flashing red modes all with one button operation. In high beam operation this little unit provides 250 lumens of light, more than enough light for performing tasks around the house if for example the power was out or, for any task when you just need to have some light. By utilizing the headband this light allows hands-free use under the sink, resetting a breaker or getting firewood after dark. Not only that but the light is hard hat compatible.

The unit comes mounted on a comfortable, adjustable elastic headband. The lighting unit itself is lightweight and comes with a hinged base so you are able to aim light where you need it. In the low beam setting (54 lumens) the Coast headlight can provide light for up to 13 hours; up to 20 hours in the red light mode. In high beam mode it can project light up to 21 metres but lasts only about 2-1/2 hours.

The Coast Headlamp comes complete with 2 Duracell AAA batteries. Its weatherproof rating is IPX4.

Inexpensive and practical, I definitely give the Coast Dual Colour LED Headlamp my TINTO recommendation (Tools I Need To Own).

Until next time.