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Benchmark Laser Measure

In this issue I have the opportunity of reviewing the Benchmark Laser Measure 
Home Hardware item #:1048-332

The Benchmark Laser Measure from Home Hardware is a simple, easy to use measuring device that performs remarkable well considering its small size. The unit easily fits in a shirt pocket. The accuracy is good as well. Having measured a variety of different walls and ceilings I found it to be almost completely accurate at distances of less than 10’. The unit allows measurements of up to 32’ (10m) with a margin of error at less than ¼” (6mm) at maximum.

The unit measures in both imperial (inches) and metric and can be changed easily with the one button operations switch. Simply hold the button for 3 seconds to change formats or hold for 5 seconds to turn the unit off. It also powers off automatically after 120 seconds.

The Benchmark Laser Measure comes complete with 2 AAA batteries for up to 3 hours of measuring. This unit is very practical for real estate agents who need to measure room size quickly. Home owners also find it handy for odd measuring jobs around the home.

It is not expensive and totally practical. I definitely give the Benchmark Laser Measure my TINTO recommendation (Tools I Need To Own).

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