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2019 Toyota Tundra: Comfort & Convenience

Legendary quality, durability and reliability are hallmarks of Toyota pickup trucks, but the 2019 Toyota Tundra is packed with features to ensure owners have maximum comfort and convenience too.

Tundra’s refined yet tough nature, rugged looks and proven ability to haul equipment and tow heavy loads are key elements that owners look for in a truck. Tundra’s contractor-friendly features — that bring together the comforts of an office into a mobile space — are also key factors to consider. 

Here’s a look at how the 2019 Tundra can make life easier for contractors, from the inside out.

Interior convenience

Contractors will immediately appreciate Tundra’s oversized door handles and interior control knobs that they can operate easily — even with their gloves on. They will also be able to store items for their business in the giant centre storage console bin — which is large enough to store a laptop.
When they are on the road to their next project, drivers can get maximum comfort with Tundra’s available 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat with variable cushion length.  This provides taller drivers with more leg support — a welcome feature particularly on long drives.

A moonroof comes standard on most CrewMax models, and another handy feature is the fully retractable rear window (vertical) that includes a built-in defroster (and is exclusive to CrewMax models). This makes it easier to instantly access fresh air.

For ride comfort, standard rear fender liners help reduce road noise.
Exterior convenience

Thoughtful features like recessed license plate lights located on the rear bumper help reduce the possibility of damaging the lights when using the bumper as a step. 

A three-piece bumper on the front and back of every Tundra helps in the event of a minor collision. Owners will only need to replace one section of the bumper as opposed to the entire thing. 

The Tundra also provides extra utility to contractors with a two-tier loading area with two areas in the cargo box that can accommodate a 2X6 board cut to length and installed side-to-side. It’s these two sections, in addition to the flat tops of the wheel wells, that enables owners to load plywood, drywall or other flat cargo onto the second tier and using the first one for other work necessities such as tools. 
Contractors and other 2019 Tundra owners will also benefit from a bed rail system that includes adjustable tie down bed cleats. This feature is standard on all 5.7L Tundra models. 

Exterior looks

When it comes to keeping your Tundra looking good, Toyota applies stone guard paint to the lower portion of the truck to protect from stone chips that can occur at the worksite or when on the road. Tundra’s standard front and rear splash guards, rock guards on the lower front corners of the box, and clear protective film also help prevent stone chips.
It’s features like these that make Tundra so popular with buyers. In 2018, Tundra won the Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards for the 9th consecutive year in the full-size pick-up category. No other automotive manufacturer has reached this milestone in the full-size pick-up category, according to Brian Murphy, VP Research and Editorial at Canadian Black Book.

There’s no reason your work truck can’t offer the comforts of your home office on the road, and with the 2019 Toyota Tundra you can expect exactly that — and much more.