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Wood Shield Stain

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Wood Shield Stain

When it comes to staining wood, there's a lot to know. We'll educate you on how and when staining should be done, and the steps that must be taken in preparation for staining.

Top Wood Shield Stain Colours To Update Your Deck

Here are just a few ideas and some great stain colour ideas to make your deck look its best.

Exterior Staining

Exterior Staining

Stain will enhance the natural beauty of wood, offering many years of protection

How & When Can I Stain banner

How & When Can I Stain

The Do's and Don'ts of staining

Preparing to stain banner

Preparing to Stain

Doing the prep work before staining is the key to a successful lasting finish

Wood type banner

Wood Types

Get to know the various types of wood used inyour home and how to work with it!

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To help you understand this innovative deck and patio cleaner, we have developed a list of FAQ's.