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Angelic presence

This heavenly creation is made from a tomato cage, scrub pads, valley flashing, fence and copper wire, and a few ball ornaments thrown into the mix.

This heavenly creation is made from a tomato cage, scrub pads, valley flashing, fence and copper wire, and a few ball ornaments thrown into the mix. It's an easy and fun craft for the holidays.

What you'll needAngelic presence


• scissors 4464-314

• awl 1011-255 (optional)

• hammer 1030-665 (optional)


• Head: large ball ornament 5615-292 (1)

• Hands: ball ornament 5615-185 (2)

• Hair: bronze scour pads (5) 4542-419

• Halo: #6 strand copper wire

• Dress: 1 metre of sheer drapery fabric

• Wings: aluminum flashing 2610-847

• 20-gauge wire 5463-081

• white spray paint 1721-186

• sanding sponge fine/medium 1061-282

• mini gold balls 5615-489

• glue gun 2047-083 and hot glue 2047-181

• fence wire 2647-700

• needle and thread

• SYLVANIA DOT-it® Dimmable light (3) 3697-975

Here's How

  1. Wire the three prongs of the tomato cage together with 20-gauge wire.
  2. Spray paint the tomato cage white.
  3. Scuff the large (head) and two smaller (hands) ball ornaments with sandpaper, and then spray each with two to three coats of white paint.
  4. Take the cap off the head and hot glue it in place on the tomato cage, ensuring one prong is lined up with the middle of the back of the head for stability.
  5. Dress: Take approximately three quarters of a metre of fabric and fold it in half. Run a gathering stitch two inches from the top of the folded edge. Pull taut and place on the angel just below the head. Place the dress opening at the back, in line with the prong at the back of head. Wrap the fabric evenly around the bottom of the cage and secure in place with needle and thread, or carefully with hot glue.
  6. Arms: Create a long tube with the remaining fabric. Sew the tube leaving the ends open. Fold each end under approximately four inches. Insert 40" of fence wire through the tube. Gather each end with needle and thread, two inches from the folded edge. Pull tight. Remove the caps from the hands and hot glue them to the ends of the fence wire.
  7. Hair: Open four scour pads up so they form a tube. Cut the tube open and fluff. Hot glue three scour pads on the front and one on the back to cover the head. Cut another scour pad into chunks and hot glue some bangs or where added volume is needed.
  8. Halo: Form a circle with copper wire to the desired size (approx. 6" - 8" in diameter). Bend the remainder of the wire down (stem of halo) and glue to the head. Cut off the excess wire. To attach the halo circle ends together, cut 2 1/2" off the end of the wire, but leave two of the wires uncut. The two longer wires wrap around to hold the halo circle together.
  9. Wings: cut a wing shape from flashing with scissors. If desired, tin-punch a design on the wings with an awl/nail and hammer. Place wood underneath the flashing before punching the design. Attach the wings with hot glue to the back wire of the cage.

Optional finishing touches:

  1. Add blush to the angel's cheeks and hands, and tie ribbon around the cuffs and neck.
  2. Cut a piece of garland into a circle, and then hot glue mini balls to make a wreath.
  3. Place three DOT-it lights wrapped in white tissue at the base to illuminate the angel at night.