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Here’s How to Weatherproof Your Home This Fall

Here’s How to Weatherproof Your Home This Fall

As summer begins to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home for the fall and winter seasons. While weatherproofing your home may not be the most exciting step in home renovations, it is an important process in ensuring your home is protected against damage from ice, snow, wind and rain.

Here are five important tips for weatherproofing your home this fall:

1. Generators

Power outages occur when you least expect it, which is why it’s important to be ready with an emergency generator.

Having a backup generator installed in your home will allow you to keep appliances such as the stove, refrigerator and even lighting running in the event of a power outage.

With so many great generator options available, we are making it easy for you to be prepared.

2. Vinyl Siding

Having quality siding and premium insulation isn’t just great for reducing your energy bill, it’s also fantastic for protecting your home from harsh weather elements.

Vinyl siding on your home's exterior is an effective solution for creating a weatherproof barrier by preventing damage from wind, ice, snow and rain.

3. Windows and Doors

Weatherproofing windows is one of the easiest improvements you can make to your home.

Caulking around older windows not only protects your home from chilly drafts, it also saves money on energy consumption.

An easy way to test for drafts if you’re unsure is to light a candle and move it slowly around the window and door frames in your home. If it flickers, the area needs to be patched with caulking or weather stripping.

Or, if it’s time for your windows to be replaced, speak to one of our Home Installs experts at your local Home Building Centre location.

4. Roof Protection

It’s always a smart idea to inspect the roof of your home before the first heavy snowfall.

Check the area for loose shingles, or other damage where heavy snow could cause the roof to collapse.

If you have an aging roof and are not sure what to look for, it may be wise to consider a second opinion or a roof consultation.

5. Paint

Finding quality exterior paint is the first defense against damaging weather elements.

Extreme temperatures can cause the surface of your home to expand and contract, while excessive moisture can form mold and mildew, making for a weathered appearance.

Fortunately, the right paint can make all the difference. Beauti-Tone’s Signature Series Exterior Latex Paint is perfect for freshening up your home’s exterior.
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