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Black Frame Window

Renovate with peace of mind

We work with people you can trust. Home offers trained, experienced Home Installs project professionals to help from start to finish. We have a large selection of window styles and configurations from
Canada’s best manufacturers.

White Frame Windows

​Energy Efficient

Your winter heating bill can be significantly impacted by the quality of windows in your home. Replacing inefficient windows with Energy Star rated windows can lower your bills, and greatly increase the overall comfort of your home.

Low-E glass coatings increase the solar and thermal performance of your windows keeping the heat inside in winter and reflecting it away from your home in summer. Argon gas filled windows provide additional insulation when combined with Low-E coatings. Whether you choose double or triple pane glass depends on your environment. We’ll help you choose the right windows for your climate zone!

White Framed Windows

We have a large selection of windows from quality manufacturers. With so many windows to choose from, decisions can be difficult. Your Home Installs project expert will show you the sizes, materials, styles and options that best suit your home and your budget. Whether it’s beautiful bay windows, single or double hung, casement or awning, we’ll find the right fit for you.​