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He Shoots, He Scores

A puck tabletop supported with hockey stick legs will score points with your favourite hockey fan.

He Shoots He ScoresSports inspired night table for your up and coming star!
He shoots, he scores!
Score brownie points with your favourite hockey fan.

What you'll need


Here's How

Hockey table:

  1. Cut the shelving into four (4) 16" squares.
  2. Mark a 16" circle on one piece (measure to find the centre of the square, then tie a pencil and a small nail to the ends of a 8" length of string to scribe a circle). Cut the circle with the jigsaw and use it as a template to make the three additional circles.
  3. Glue and stack the four circles together, alternating the direction of the wood grain.
  4. Drill eight (8) counter sunk holes around the circle, 2" in from the edge, and fasten with 2 1/2" screws (ensure they do not go through the opposite face).
  5. Clean off excess glue with a damp cloth. Let dry.
  6. Sand edge smooth.
  7. Divide the tabletop into three equal spaces for the leg placements.
  8. Drill 1 1/4" holes, 2" deep, angled approximately 15 degrees toward the centre.
  9. Cut the sticks to the desired height of the table. The table shown is 27" high, including the top.
  10. Tape the sticks in a crossed position and secure by drilling pilot holes through the intersecting points. Fasten with screws that will not go all the way through.
  11. Fill the holes with resin and paint the top (puck) black.