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Here's How to install a new toilet.

Here's How to install a new toilet.


1. Clear your working area and turn off water supply.
2. Empty water tank and bowl.
3. Disconnect water supply line.
4. Remove floor bolts.
5. Remove the old toilet. Place on rags or cardboard to keep the area clean.
6. Clean away old wax gasket


1. Place new wax gasket on new toilet.
2. Place new bolds in flange.
3. Lower toilet over bolts.
4. Attach nuts to bolts. Be sure to not over tighten.
5. Install gasket on tank and the tank to the bowl. Be sure to not over tighten.
6. Connect water supply line.
7. Turn on water supply. Test and check for leaks.
8. Install bolt caps and toilet seat.
Installing a toilet is an easy task that can be completed by any confident, at-home DIYer!
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