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Holiday Projects: Table Scents

There are fun and innovative ways to decorate your home during the holidays - and we'd love to open your eyes to them.

A wonderful centrepiece for a holiday brunch, this tablescape appeals to all the senses. Holiday trees created with coffee beans. They smell as great as they look.

Holiday Projects: Table Scents

What You'll Need

  • clay pots
  • rigid foam insulation
  • Woodshield acrylic brown caulking 2034-364
  • whole coffee beans
  • latex contact cement 2030-466
  • gel stain (aged Oak) 1876-624
  • utility knife 1034-357

Step By Step

  1. Craft a four-sided cone shape from rigid foam insulation and glue together with latex cement. Design the size to be in proportion to the clay pot you will be using so that the base of the cone sits slightly over the pot.
  2. Coat the cone one side at a time. Spread caulking over the surface and press in the beans. Let dry and repeat for the other three sides.
  3. Brush two coats of stain on the clay pots, allowing them to dry between coats.
  4. Place trees on pots and hold in place with the caulking. Let dry.

Note: The coffee bean aroma lasts for about a year and adds to the ambience of your special occasion.